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Joe and Shawn talk about New Year's Eve before getting into the Bruins and the Winter Classic (6:00). At (14:00), they turn to the Patriots loss to the Jets and at (35:00) the Heroes and Zeroes. At (49:00) they discuss some playoff scenarios and close with a look at the Miami game (1:03:00).

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     By the eye test – my eye I mean – the Patriots’ secondary is very good. Not excellent, awesome or elite. Not top of the league. But good, much better than expected preseason. I’ve heard some rumblings, chatter about the Patriots secondary lately, some flattering stats, some middling stats. Let’s see if what the vaunted eye test – my eye, though admittedly deteriorating with age – is telling me is reflected in the statistics. I’m thinking it is, mainly based on the strength of the play of corners Malcolm Butler and Logan Ryan. However, we may be seeing a dropoff with Devin McCourty out. One thing is for sure, its better than just about anybody thought it would be without Darrell Revis. Brandon Browner was never more than the right piece in the machine last year.

The Patriots secondary in the 2014 regular season, stacked with a still-elite Revis, a mean S.O.B. in Browner, and McCourty the Pro Bowler at free safety, were not an elite unit. They ranked 17th (of 32 teams) in passing yards allowed per game with 239.8, 10th in passer rating allowed at 84.0, and they picked off opponent quarterbacks 16 times, a top ten result. According to, in yards per attempt allowed per game, the Patriots tied with 5 other teams last year in allowing 6.2 per game. The league average was 6.4.

We can conclude that this unit was good to very good. Sound reasonably accurate?

Through 14 games this season, the secondary of the Patriots has performed as follows: 230.3 passing yards per game allowed, good for 8th, clearly improved over last year; an 83.3 passer rating allowed, ranked 9th in the league; 5.7 yards per attempt allowed, good for 3rd in the league and improved by a half of a yard from 2014. Butler and co. have snatched 12 opponent attempts.

My eyes have deceived me. This 2015 unit is better than I thought. Who'd have thunk after losing that talent they would actually improve? Not I. Recall what the secondary was like prior to Revis arriving. It cheweed up cornerbacks and safeties. Weekly we would learn a new name and see a new player give up catches and yards to average quarterbacks and receivers. It made average players look elite. Ryan Tannehill looked like an All-Pro at times. Mark Sanchez could and did rip apart. The motto around the team defense was bend-don't-break. It was pretty effective at this, but man did it bend! It bent so badly at times, even Bellichick's acumen was being questioned, never mind that of Defensive Coordinator Matt Patricia.

It appears those days are in the past. The performances of Malcolm Butler and Logan Ryan this season have been revelatory. Butler looks like he could become a top level corner, and Ryan is progressing well as the season goes on. has Butler tied for 9th in the league with 15 passes defended, Ryan 12th with 14. These two guys compete for the play, for the ball. They are in every play. They mark their man tight, they annoy and hassle and attack the wide receivers like they owe them money. This is not the kind of coverage we saw prior to 2014. It used to so often look like the corners and safeties were giving receivers wide berths of space - and they got eaten up for it.

Let's not forget McCourty. He is having an off year and is currently injured, but he has made some key game-changing plays while covering deep center field.

This begs the questions, why? Why is this secondary playing differently than in the past. Is it conceptual? Could be. They play aggressively, moreso at least. In past years, I frankly didn't want the corners playing too aggressively, they would just get burned deep anyway. I think the difference is we have talent now. Young talent. That, and quite possibly, the coaches and players learned last year. Did Revis and Browner leave an imprint on the culture of this secondary unit? Maybe.

I don't think Bellichick or Patricia would ever admit that, if even true. But I think you see a legacy in Butler and Ryan. With these two young corners getting better every week while improving the overall secondary performance, I'm confident the bend-don't-break soft coverage days are past.



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Joe and Shawn first focus on playoff scenarios and upcoming Jets game. Then in the second half of the show, they talk Heroes and Zeroes from Pats victory over the Titans. They close with some discussion of Boston Sports radio personalities.

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Gronk is the Patriots MVP

But isn't Brady winning the league MVP? 

BP 2: 12/17/2015

Rob Gronkowski is the most valuable player on this 2015 Patriots roster. He showed us why over the past 2-3 weeks. I’m talking about the injury to his knee, which looked worse than it turned out to be. Whose stomach didn’t plummet when they saw him go down and writhe in pain? Would we have the same sinking feeling if Tom Brady went down like that? YES, YES, YES! Sixty-nine thousand Yeses!

In fact, I think both players are the heart and soul of the team. Losing either of them would devastate the chances this team has to win its 5th Superbowl title.

Tom Brady is the Greatest Of All Time finally and firmly recognized as the GOAT after Superbowl win number four last year. To conclude his GOATness became easy after last year. Brady is simply the best all-around quarterback who ever played, period. He wins games, division titles, leads the Pats to conference championship games. He battles in Superbowls at an astonishing rate. If you’re being honest with yourself, Patriot fan or not, you know he is the winningest quarterback who ever played. The only two pieces I (and I suspect many others) needed to have in place in order for me to fully consider him the GOAT, were career stats excellence (not just volume but consistency, efficiency, passer rating etc.) and that fourth, glimmering, audacious ring.

Done and done. Tom Brady is the GOAT.

He is having an exceptional 2015. This is why I almost cannot believe I am making this argument, I love Brady, like in a - he’s my hero even though I’m 42 and have never met him – way. Its incredible to see him put together this late career burst of elite-level play. From 2010 – 2014 he averaged 4,482 yards passing, a 63.82 completion percentage, 7.62 yards per attempt, 33 touchdowns, less than 9 picks, 280 yards per game, a passer rating of exactly 100 and a microscopic 1.46% pick ratio; all either leading the league or in the top 10. Now this year - Brady is only exceeding each of those numbers, and a dozen more, all the while leading a wickedly injured offense to the #1 seed in the AFC as of week 15. He is the GOAT indeed.

However, he’s not the Patriots 2015 MVP. The team is more dependent on Gronk to create wins with not only his performance, but his presence. He alters opponent game plans, creates multiple mismatches with the opponent’s secondary. His presence alone allows the Pats to execute their offense to the high degree of efficiency and productivity that has become their norm since 2010. Now throw in Gronk’s performance; the catches, runs, touchdowns, blocks; whatever else he so astonishingly and recklessly does on the gridiron, and you have a player that is the functioning heart of the team.

The proof is in the results; you can’t escape the facts. The team doesn’t have as much of a chance to win games when Gronk is not playing. With Gronk the Pats are 11-1, without Gronk they are 0-1. Yes, a very skewed sample and Julian Edelman is out also. But a closer look at the loss to the Eagles shows an offense that struggled mightily without Gronk’s presence. Brady threw for a very Tebow-ish 51.8% completion percentage, 5.6 yards/attempt, and a 71.40 passer rating, both season lows. Tossing around a couple picks completely stuck a fork in it

It was an awful game all around for the Patriots. Did the special teams decide to take a day off? Were they depressed or something? They played like they were dosed on Sereoquel. And the offense didn’t - couldn’t– perform well. A sub 50% 3rd-down percentage (7/17) and the inability of the pass catching core to get open left Brady with no one else to throw to but the ghost of Brandon LaFell. No joke, I saw a BOLO for Jojo on one of those LED Highway billboards over the Mass Pike.

Brady was there doing the best he could, but the difference between victory and defeat was the lack of big number eighty-seven out there.

It hurts to say it, I feel like I’m betraying #12.

Where is my loyalty as a fan?

I should always want him to win the MVP every year! I think he should most years! But I can’t ignore what my eyes and the results on the field are telling me.
            And so for that reason, Brady shouldn’t be voted as the league MVP. Gronk should. He should get some votes if he finishes the year on pace. He won’t win, but he’d get my vote.


            After all that I have to tell you I think Cam Newton is the MVP before either of them!









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Joe and Shawn talk about the Celtics almost taking down the Warriors and the nature of their basketball fandom. At about 16 minutes, they switch to NFL: MVP talk, Heroes and Zeroes from the victory over Houston, and then look ahead to the Titans and playoffs.

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In the first part of the show, Joe and Shawn look at the David Price signing by the Red Sox. At 32:50, they get in to the Patriots loss to the Eagles, look ahead to Houston, and try to find some hope in the historic greatness of the Patriots in the Tom Brady and Bill Belichick era.

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Joe and Shawn react to the Patriots loss. They discuss Brady as MVP, the injuries to Gronk and Hightower, the terrible officiating, the muffed punt return, and more. 

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Joe and Shawn give their heroes and zeroes for the Pats victory over the Bills. They close by looking at the upcoming Denver game and Joe goes on an epic rant against Peyton Manning.

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Joe and Shawn talk about the Giants: who where the heroes and zeroes? Also, they cover the Edelman injury, the end of the Peyton, the Kimbrel trade, and Papi's retirement announcement.

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Patriots improve to 8-0, so Joe and Shawn start looking ahead to some future opponents like Denver and Cincy. They also discuss the upcoming game against the New York Giants. They close with some Bruins and Red Sox.

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Joe and Shawn discuss the Patriots' defeat of the New York Jets and then look forward to Miami Dolphins on Thursday night. Was this a good win or did the Pats escape? What are the concerns about the team going forward? The guys close with some comments on the Bruins and the Revolution.

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Joe and Shawn discuss the Patriots Colts Sunday night match-up: covering everything from the bizarre fake punt to the state of the Patriots offensive and defense. They move on to the Jets and get into what to expect from Gang Green. They close with some thoughts on the Bruins stemming from Shawn's trip to see the Bruins vs. the Coyotes on Saturday night.

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Joe and Shawn talk about the Patriots 5th victory in a row over Cowboys, then look ahead to the Colts next week. They end with a brief look at the Bruins early season troubles and wonder how long Claude Julien will be around.

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After a two month hiatus, Joe and Shawn are back talking Boston Sports. The Red Sox season as a total was disappointing, but they end strong. What lead to the late season resurgence and how can they carry this into 2016? Should Farrell return? Which young start is 'untouchable'? In the second half of the show, Joe and Shawn talk about the Patriots' dominant start and where they will go from here. Is 19-0 realistic? Should we even be discussing it? What are some of the concerns? They also discuss who should be on the Boston Sports Mount Rushmore.

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In the first half of the show, Joe and Shawn look at the dismal season of the Red Sox and start looking ahead to 2016. (No Lucchino, Should Sandoval or Ramirez be moved?) In the second half, they get into the theatre of the absurd that is the NFL and Deflategate. But they get into some actual football discussion (CB situation, potential weak areas on team). They close with a look at Boston's dodging the Olympic bullet.

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In the first half of the show, Joe and Shawn review the Bruins’ recent offseason moves and the draft. In the second half they get into the Red Sox: should Farrell be fired? Should the Sox be buyers or sellers at the break? They close with some thoughts and predications about Brady’s appeal. #FreeBrady #GoodellMustGo  

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In this episode, Joe and Shawn focus on the Red Sox and their struggle for any kind of consistency or productivity. Should Farrell be fired? What changes need to be made? What is the value of watching a bad team? The show closes with some discussion of Patriots and Bruins.

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Joe and Shawn discuss the hiring of Don Sweeney as Bruins GM and the Red Sox struggles on offense and defense. In the second half of the show they get into Kraft's decision not to appeal the penalties imposed by the NFL, how this affects Brady's appeal, and the awfulness that is Goodell. #GoodellMustGo

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Joe and Shawn tear into the Wells Report and express their dismay and disappointment at its obvious weaknesses. 

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Joe and Shawn discuss the Celtics' playoff loss and the road forward. They look at the Red Sox pitching woes, but also some of the positives in recent games. They close the show by talking about the Patriots' draft needs.

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            Cam Neely and Charlie Jacobs made the first good decision necessary to turn the Bruins’ fortunes around. They canned GM Peter Chiarelli.  I’ve been saying this team may need to start over for months, conditioned upon how the regular season played out, playoffs or no playoffs, how deep they go in the playoffs.  Hockey and professional sports in general are results based enterprises.  Just like much of professional life, results determine your future, your salary, your position and relative power and responsibilities.  And of course whether or not you remain employed. 

            This season’s result - the Bruins failing to make the playoffs heads have to roll.  It is unacceptable in Boston to have a team fail that is supposed to be in their championship window.  Chiarelli, and soon Head Coach Claude Julien, suffer the consequences. 

            Julien has to go for two reasons as I see it – for not adapting to the speed game the NHL is adopting and for not being willing and/or able to develop young forwards past and future.

            If the Bruins are going to turn it around and get back to being an elite team in the east, they need to do a better job of bringing along and accepting the mistakes of young talented forwards Ryan Spooner and David Pastrnak, not punishing them every time they don’t get back on defense quickly or effectively.  Julien’s impatience with young forwards, as opposed to his patience with young defensemen, was evident in how he handled Spooner early this season, criticizing him the media and limiting his ice time. 

            The team needs offense! My concern is that Julien won’t develop Spooner and Pastrnak and we will see more offensive talent wasted, as has happened in recent years with Tyler Seguin and Phil Kessel. Julien is great defensive coach, no doubt, but he is not the coach to have in place if the team is going to move towards a faster game with more offensive potential.   

            Make no mistake, the players deserve a large slice of the blame pie too. Perhaps the biggest slice.  They are getting theirs.  Danny Paille and Greg Campbell won’t be resigned.  There will be more changes coming.

            Kudos Cam and Mr. Jacobs, bouncing Chiarelli is the right first move.  Let’s hope more of the same is on the way.

- J            

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Bruins fail to make the playoffs and the Celtics clinch a playoff spot. Who predicted that? Not Joe and Shawn, but they discuss what this means for the Bruins and Celtics. In the last half of the show, they look at the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of the start of the Red Sox season.

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Red Sox kicked off 2015 season, and Joe and Shawn are back talking Boston Sports. The first half of the show focuses on the Red Sox, but then shifts to Bruins and Celtics playoff chances.

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Joe and Shawn react to the Patriots losing Revis in free agency. Angry? Disappointed? Pessimistic? Still Hopeful? Has the Kool-aid soured? Is still In Bill We Trust? They also discuss the Bruins recent success and the Revolution loss to Seattle in the MLS season opener. 

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Joe and Shawn return for "Season 2" with a discussion of the potential New England Patriots offseason moves, including what to do about Revis and McCourty. They also discuss the Bruins trade deadline moves and what they signal about the future of the Burins. They round out the pod with the Red Soxand Revs.

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Champs Again!

How glorious was that Super Bowl win?! 

Four days on and I am still mentally pinching myself a few times a day. Did that really happen?  Did we finally get the elusive 4th title?  Did it really happen in such dramatic fashion, in doubt until the very end?

The euphoria we all felt when our new local hero, Malcolm Butler, grabbed that interception made it all worth it.  It - the anguish and mini heart attacks, the moments of despair, the roller coaster ride of a season.

After week four, some of us (myself included? nah . . .) were ready to put Jimmy G in.  Brady was done, his skills had fallen off the cliff.  Yeah sure.  That’s the same guy who went 13 for 15 for 116 yards and 2 TDs for a passer rating over 140 in the 4th quarter of the Super Bowl.

You can have Andrew Luck, Russell Wilson, Peyton Manning et al.  Give me TB12 all day any day.  He didn’t throw for 55 TDs and 5,000 yards this year, but so what.  Manning did that last year and look what it got him.  But that’s an old story with Manning, big regular season stats small postseason results.  12 showed what he is all about in that 4th quarter.  He went 8 for 8 on the final drive and threw for the game winning TD against the best secondary in the game, the “Legion of Boom.”  He was stepping up in the pocket, unleashing laser-guided bullets, while staying calm and cool and displaying the leadership his team needed in that high pressure, high stakes moment. 

Malcolm Butler is the hero, and he deserves to be.  The play he made to seal the win was All-Pro, clutch, ballsy, you name it.  The more I watch that play the more impressed I am.  It was the synthesis of preparation, awareness and athletic ability.  It was the perfect storm of everything that makes the Patriots winners - coaching and situational execution at the most important moment of the season. However, Malcolm Butler isn’t in position to make that play unless Tom Brady engineers the comeback in the 4th quarter. 

Is Brady the best quarterback in the game right now? Maybe not, Aaron Rodgers is pretty damn good.

Is Brady the best quarterback of all time?  Yes he is; but I thought he was before the outcome of Super Bowl XLIX. 

And if 12 is still doing his thing, then the Patriots are capable of winning Lombardis year in year out.

Don’t sleep on Brady; he’s not done yet.




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Joe and Shawn bask in the glory of the New England Patriots Super Bowl victory. How great are Brady and Belichick? What does this fourth Super Bowl victory mean for the Patriots legacy, for the fans? How did the Patriots win? Where to next?

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With the Super Bowl days away, Joe and Shawn talk about what to expect from the game and what the Patriots will need to do win. Warning: there is some discussion of deflated footballs. They end the podcast with their sacrificial offering to the Sport Gods to ensure a Patriots victory.

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The Patriots are on to the Super Bowl! Joe and Shawn discuss the dominating victory in the AFC Championship game over the Indianapolis Colts. They reflecting on past Super Bowl Patriots team, the consistent success of the Patriots, and what this Super Bowl might mean for the Tom Brady/Bill Belichick legacy. They also touch on the stupidly named "deflation-gate" and why everyone is so envious of the Patriots.

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After beating the Baltimore Ravens, the New England Patriots, under Brady and Belichick, are off to their 9th AFC Championship Game (4th in a row). Joe and Shawn discuss the game and try to figure how the Patrots pulled this one out. They get into the terrible officiating, the Patriots' trick plays(And Harbaugh's whining), and the difficulties on defense. They close by discussing who we'd rather face in the AFC championship game: Colts or Broncos. (Recorded before the end of the game: Pats will host the Colts).

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