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Champs Again!

How glorious was that Super Bowl win?! 

Four days on and I am still mentally pinching myself a few times a day. Did that really happen?  Did we finally get the elusive 4th title?  Did it really happen in such dramatic fashion, in doubt until the very end?

The euphoria we all felt when our new local hero, Malcolm Butler, grabbed that interception made it all worth it.  It - the anguish and mini heart attacks, the moments of despair, the roller coaster ride of a season.

After week four, some of us (myself included? nah . . .) were ready to put Jimmy G in.  Brady was done, his skills had fallen off the cliff.  Yeah sure.  That’s the same guy who went 13 for 15 for 116 yards and 2 TDs for a passer rating over 140 in the 4th quarter of the Super Bowl.

You can have Andrew Luck, Russell Wilson, Peyton Manning et al.  Give me TB12 all day any day.  He didn’t throw for 55 TDs and 5,000 yards this year, but so what.  Manning did that last year and look what it got him.  But that’s an old story with Manning, big regular season stats small postseason results.  12 showed what he is all about in that 4th quarter.  He went 8 for 8 on the final drive and threw for the game winning TD against the best secondary in the game, the “Legion of Boom.”  He was stepping up in the pocket, unleashing laser-guided bullets, while staying calm and cool and displaying the leadership his team needed in that high pressure, high stakes moment. 

Malcolm Butler is the hero, and he deserves to be.  The play he made to seal the win was All-Pro, clutch, ballsy, you name it.  The more I watch that play the more impressed I am.  It was the synthesis of preparation, awareness and athletic ability.  It was the perfect storm of everything that makes the Patriots winners - coaching and situational execution at the most important moment of the season. However, Malcolm Butler isn’t in position to make that play unless Tom Brady engineers the comeback in the 4th quarter. 

Is Brady the best quarterback in the game right now? Maybe not, Aaron Rodgers is pretty damn good.

Is Brady the best quarterback of all time?  Yes he is; but I thought he was before the outcome of Super Bowl XLIX. 

And if 12 is still doing his thing, then the Patriots are capable of winning Lombardis year in year out.

Don’t sleep on Brady; he’s not done yet.




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Joe and Shawn bask in the glory of the New England Patriots Super Bowl victory. How great are Brady and Belichick? What does this fourth Super Bowl victory mean for the Patriots legacy, for the fans? How did the Patriots win? Where to next?

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