Boston Sports Pod (Bruins)
All things Boston Sports with Joe and Shawn. Two long-time, hard-core fans of the Boston teams talk about what is going on with the Red Sox, Patriots, Bruins, Celtics, Revolution, and (honorary Boston team) Liverpool FC.

Joe and Shawn discuss the Bruins' trade deadline moves (or lack thereof!) and the short term future. At 22:00 they turn to the Celtics with a more positive view. With Spring Training officially starting, they discuss the Red Sox (42:00) and what their chances are this year. Lastly, they close with some comments on Brady's contract extension (1:02:00).

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Joe and Shawn react to the Super Bowl. With the end of the NFL season, they shift to the Celtics (37:00) and the Bruins (45:00). 

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In the first half of the show, Joe and Shawn review the Bruins’ recent offseason moves and the draft. In the second half they get into the Red Sox: should Farrell be fired? Should the Sox be buyers or sellers at the break? They close with some thoughts and predications about Brady’s appeal. #FreeBrady #GoodellMustGo  

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In this episode, Joe and Shawn discuss what happened in the Bs playoff series loss to the Canadiens. What does it mean for the team's legacy? How did this happen? And what do the Bs do now?

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In this episode, Joe and Shawn discuss the Bruins and Canadiens playoff games (3,4, and 5), review the Patriots' draft, and close with Liverpool's failing to win the league title.

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In this episode, Joe and Shawn discuss the first two Bruins and Habs playoff games, the struggling but improving Red Sox, the Patriots' draft needs, and close with updates on the Revolution and Liverpool.

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