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After a two month hiatus, Joe and Shawn are back talking Boston Sports. The Red Sox season as a total was disappointing, but they end strong. What lead to the late season resurgence and how can they carry this into 2016? Should Farrell return? Which young start is 'untouchable'? In the second half of the show, Joe and Shawn talk about the Patriots' dominant start and where they will go from here. Is 19-0 realistic? Should we even be discussing it? What are some of the concerns? They also discuss who should be on the Boston Sports Mount Rushmore.

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In the first half of the show, Joe and Shawn look at the dismal season of the Red Sox and start looking ahead to 2016. (No Lucchino, Should Sandoval or Ramirez be moved?) In the second half, they get into the theatre of the absurd that is the NFL and Deflategate. But they get into some actual football discussion (CB situation, potential weak areas on team). They close with a look at Boston's dodging the Olympic bullet.

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In the first half of the show, Joe and Shawn review the Bruins’ recent offseason moves and the draft. In the second half they get into the Red Sox: should Farrell be fired? Should the Sox be buyers or sellers at the break? They close with some thoughts and predications about Brady’s appeal. #FreeBrady #GoodellMustGo  

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In this episode, Joe and Shawn focus on the Red Sox and their struggle for any kind of consistency or productivity. Should Farrell be fired? What changes need to be made? What is the value of watching a bad team? The show closes with some discussion of Patriots and Bruins.

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Joe and Shawn discuss the hiring of Don Sweeney as Bruins GM and the Red Sox struggles on offense and defense. In the second half of the show they get into Kraft's decision not to appeal the penalties imposed by the NFL, how this affects Brady's appeal, and the awfulness that is Goodell. #GoodellMustGo

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Joe and Shawn tear into the Wells Report and express their dismay and disappointment at its obvious weaknesses. 

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Joe and Shawn discuss the Celtics' playoff loss and the road forward. They look at the Red Sox pitching woes, but also some of the positives in recent games. They close the show by talking about the Patriots' draft needs.

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            Cam Neely and Charlie Jacobs made the first good decision necessary to turn the Bruins’ fortunes around. They canned GM Peter Chiarelli.  I’ve been saying this team may need to start over for months, conditioned upon how the regular season played out, playoffs or no playoffs, how deep they go in the playoffs.  Hockey and professional sports in general are results based enterprises.  Just like much of professional life, results determine your future, your salary, your position and relative power and responsibilities.  And of course whether or not you remain employed. 

            This season’s result - the Bruins failing to make the playoffs heads have to roll.  It is unacceptable in Boston to have a team fail that is supposed to be in their championship window.  Chiarelli, and soon Head Coach Claude Julien, suffer the consequences. 

            Julien has to go for two reasons as I see it – for not adapting to the speed game the NHL is adopting and for not being willing and/or able to develop young forwards past and future.

            If the Bruins are going to turn it around and get back to being an elite team in the east, they need to do a better job of bringing along and accepting the mistakes of young talented forwards Ryan Spooner and David Pastrnak, not punishing them every time they don’t get back on defense quickly or effectively.  Julien’s impatience with young forwards, as opposed to his patience with young defensemen, was evident in how he handled Spooner early this season, criticizing him the media and limiting his ice time. 

            The team needs offense! My concern is that Julien won’t develop Spooner and Pastrnak and we will see more offensive talent wasted, as has happened in recent years with Tyler Seguin and Phil Kessel. Julien is great defensive coach, no doubt, but he is not the coach to have in place if the team is going to move towards a faster game with more offensive potential.   

            Make no mistake, the players deserve a large slice of the blame pie too. Perhaps the biggest slice.  They are getting theirs.  Danny Paille and Greg Campbell won’t be resigned.  There will be more changes coming.

            Kudos Cam and Mr. Jacobs, bouncing Chiarelli is the right first move.  Let’s hope more of the same is on the way.

- J            

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Bruins fail to make the playoffs and the Celtics clinch a playoff spot. Who predicted that? Not Joe and Shawn, but they discuss what this means for the Bruins and Celtics. In the last half of the show, they look at the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of the start of the Red Sox season.

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Red Sox kicked off 2015 season, and Joe and Shawn are back talking Boston Sports. The first half of the show focuses on the Red Sox, but then shifts to Bruins and Celtics playoff chances.

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