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All things Boston Sports with Joe and Shawn. Two long-time, hard-core fans of the Boston teams talk about what is going on with the Red Sox, Patriots, Bruins, Celtics, Revolution, and (honorary Boston team) Liverpool FC.

Joe and Shawn react to the Patriots/Panthers preseason game and then discuss the Red Sox signing of Castillo.

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The Red Sox traded Jon Lester at the trade deadline. Joe and Shawn talk about the trade and the wisdom of the managment philosophy that got the Sox to this point.

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Joe and Shawn discuss the Red Sox's chances of remaining competitive and how that affects Jon Lester's contract situation. They finish their predictions of the Patriots schedule and talk some training camp. They close with some thoughts on NFL London.

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Joe and Shawn return from a summer hiatus to discuss Lebron, World Cup action, the youth movement of the Red Sox and predictions for the Patriots season.

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The Red Sox live! Joe and Shawn discuss the Red Sox win streak and the 2004 World Series Championship Anniversary. They also breakdown the first five games of the Patriots season. They also touch on the Revolution and the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

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Joe and Shawn try to figure out what is going on with the Red Sox and their slide into last place. They close with a look at the surging Revs.

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In this episode, Joe and Shawn discuss what happened in the Bs playoff series loss to the Canadiens. What does it mean for the team's legacy? How did this happen? And what do the Bs do now?

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In this episode, Joe and Shawn discuss the Bruins and Canadiens playoff games (3,4, and 5), review the Patriots' draft, and close with Liverpool's failing to win the league title.

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In this episode, Joe and Shawn discuss the first two Bruins and Habs playoff games, the struggling but improving Red Sox, the Patriots' draft needs, and close with updates on the Revolution and Liverpool.

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Coming Soon! A new weekly podcast that focus on all things Boston sports. Launching in May 2014.

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